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Mobile Heat Treatment Systems


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Global Responsibility

At WoodSave, we believe there is a Global Responsibility to preserve our natural resources. A Local Solution begins when you take delivery of your WoodSave Mobile Heat Treatment System.

Globalization has brought the wood packaging industry significant challenges. One of the greatest issues we face today is the movement of invasive insects within Wood Packaging Material (WPM), pallets, crates, containers, and other wood products.

The WoodSave Mobile Heat Treatment System provides efficient and effective treatment for wood products literally at your doorstep. Fully portable, the system allows wood product users the local capability to pre- or post-treat new wood, providing a responsible method of meeting regulatory requirements.


Stand-alone design allows full field deployment without the use of local utilities.

Minimum amount of time used to achieve treatment temperatures.

Minimum amount of energy required to achieve treatment within regulatory requirements.